Areas of Practice

Kased Law Legal Services

General Civil Litigation
At our law firm, we specialize in civil litigation and represent parties in hearings, trials, arbitrations and mediations before federal, state and local courts. As your lawyer, we possess strong negotiation skills, logical reasoning abilities, and great knowledge of substantive and procedural law.

Foreclosure Defense
The moment you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit, you should consult with our team. Once this happens, we will engage with the banks and courts immediately and make every attempt for you to keep your home. We have developed an extremely inclusive program which will address all of your needs. We will do our best to maximize your chance in keeping your home as well as having excellent legal advice by your side.

When it comes to bankruptcy, it is not necessary to hire an attorney but it is strongly encouraged to do so. As your lawyer, we can help make sure you file correctly and that you don’t miss any steps while making sure that you receive the full benefit of your bankruptcy. The law is very clear that errors in your paperwork can cause serious consequences such as felony criminal charges. That is why it is so important to have us represent you.

Business Transactions
As your lawyer, we play a critical role in virtually all business transactions. Our firm focuses on the transactions and ongoing operations of businesses. We serve business ventures and their owners, managers and all other associates. Our team understands the life cycle of a business. We are experienced and well-versed in start-up businesses, expansion, capital raising, mergers, split-ups and exit strategies. Our team understands the delicate balancing necessary to deliver critical legal services at an affordable cost for all of your business needs.

Real Estate Transactions
The process of buying a home is a very complex decision and most people find it best to hire an attorney to sort through all of the legalities. Legal issues can easily arise and your real estate agent will not understand the law fully to help you answer your questions and concerns. Need help drafting language for a purchase contract or are you concerned about the language in your new mortgage, call us today to help you better understand the hundreds of documents you will be looking through when closing on your new home.

Short Sales
Short sales can be very complicated and that is why it is important to have us help you along the way. We will help you with protecting your assets, helping you with the release of your personal liability, and of course give you a piece of mind that we are here to help you. Laws change all the time and we are experienced in every area of bankruptcy and foreclosure law. We have handled many cases and know exactly how to protect the best interest of our clients.

Real Estate Litigation
Lengthy and costly legal quarrels when it comes to your personal real estate can be very hard to deal with. A lease dispute can leave you without a place to conduct your business and a simple mistake on a purchase agreement can tie up your capital indefinitely. We are here to assist you in every aspect of real estate law and we get the results that you need. Our experienced attorneys are well versed in representing you with your property, landlords, tenants, contractors, investors, associations, lenders and any type of real estate dispute.

Pulled over for speeding? Ran a red light? We are here to help! We concentrate on fighting traffic offenses ranging from reckless driving to D.U.I. charges and everything in between. Our experienced lawyers can help you keep additional points off of your driving record, prevent insurance rates from increasing and avoid wasting your time fighting in court. Call us today for all of your traffic matters.

Personal Injury
Involved in an auto accident and now you have serious injuries because of it? Our firm is here to help you with your case. We specialize in making sure that our clients obtain the justice and compensation you deserve for your loss and sufferings. We provide strong advocacy, legal advice and counseling to ensure that you are well taken care of.

Worker’s Compensation
If you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to worker’s compensation. Let us help you get the benefits you need such as compensation, paying your medical bills, rehabilitation, and disability benefits. We are here to make sure that your employer’s insurance takes full responsibility for your injuries.

At Kased Law, we also specialize in contracts, wills, family law and landlord and tenant issues. Call us today!